Jim Hustwit

Music Producer

As a music producer I work with independent solo artists to turn musical ideas into incredible release-quality productions

Music is about connecting with people emotionally. This is at its most potent when you capture a great performance.


Recent Work

Some of my recent work as a songwriter and music producer

There is lots more so if you if you would like to hear something specific please get in touch


My Promise

I’ve been in your shoes. As a singer songwriter you’ve invested blood sweat and tears in writing your songs. You are then relying on a music producer to help turn those ideas into the highest quality productions; to help turn your ideas and vision into an incredible reality. 

You’re investing your hard earned cash and you want to know that your music in safe hands.

You deserve a producer who will invest the same love and attention in your music as they would in their own.   

I promise to do just that.

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How I Can Help

What Can I Help With?


We have the facilities to record the highest quality records. Benefit from a comfortable custom built studio in which to get creative with like-minded people. We can simply record or get creative explore original musical ideas.

Vocal Performance

I used to be a singer and regular performer and have been a musical director for shows at The National Theatre. I’m used to working with people to get the best possible vocal performance. 


Having spent many years writing and performing I can help with all areas of songwriting such as lyrics, melody, harmony and structure. Songwriting is not an exact science but songs generally follow certain rules particularly if you want them to be commercially viable.

Composing / Arranging

I’m comfortable writing music for any instrument and can arrange for orchestras, string ensembles, brass bands etc.

About Jim Hustwit

I’ve been writing and producing music for 13 years. My clients include Universal, Sony/ATV and Ninja Tune.

In all of my productions I look to capture great performances which which will engage the listener emotionally. Music is about telling stories. I like it raw and don’t like to over-process. I want to have fun, get experimental and be original. 

As a singer-songwriter I won the People’s Music Award for “Best Male Solo Artist.” 

I’m originally from Leeds, I’m married and have a cockapoo called Rudi. I drink too much tea and sometimes do improv.

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My Studio

I have a high spec music studio in north London (next to Finsbury Park tube) for recording, writing, programming and mixing

We have two live spaces for recording vocals and instruments, a lounge and a kitchen. 

80% of what I produce is recorded here. Click opposite to listen what we’ve recorded.


How Much Will It Cost?

It’s impossible to cost up a project without having a conversation. I would need to understand the number of tracks and their complexity i.e. Is it simply acoustic track or epic orchestral production. I’d also need to know the extent of my involvement i.e. do you want help with lyrics, arrangement, playing of instruments etc. But please drop me a line and I’ll call you back to discuss. There’s no obligation. Just an honest conversation.

What does a Music Producer do?

A music producer oversees the recording and production of an artists music. They help songwriters realise their musical vision. Maybe even help them define that vision. It depends on the client but I write music, co-write lyrics, play instruments, arrange instruments (e.g strings), record instruments, record vocals, programme beats and mix.